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Why Cabarete, Dominican Republic is your favorite Surfing Destination in the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is a country filled with beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, epic landscapes, and rich cultural centers. Of all the places to visit on your tropical vacation to the DR we truly believe Cabarete is the #1 destination in Dominican Republic. Here’s why:

learn to surf cabarete

Learn to surf is fun in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Learn to Surf

Playa Encuentro is just one Cabarete surf beach and our pride and joy. The reef at playa Encuentro creates the perfect conditions to Learn to surf because there’s more than 10 seconds to get caught by a wave, try standing up on it, and once you do you can ride that baby all the way to the sand.  Beach breaks for instance (sandy bottom) will create a  wave that breaks fast and finishes quickly making the time you have to find your balance on a board very short and the ride even shorter. In addition to the longer beginner-friendly wave rides, the water is pretty shallow so if you wipe out or catch a wave all the way in you can choose to paddle back or turn your board around and walk along the reef (we provide water shoes so your feet won’t get hurt) to get back to where the white water starts. Our Surf School typically takes beginners into the white water to catch their first waves and once the pop-up is strong be taken more back to the line-up where the wave initially breaks.

surf trips north shore dominican republic

Get a secluded break on a surf holiday in the Dominican Republic

Surfing Holidays

The North Coast of Hispaniola (the island that encompasses Dominican Republic and Haiti) is loaded with Surf Spots. If you take a peak in google maps you’ll see so many reefs with potential surf. Our town of Cabarete has some of the best breaks of all which is why most of the surf schools on the island can be found in such a small town. Most Surfers are extremely satisfied surfing the 10+ peaks you can find in Cabarete alone. If you are an experienced Surfer and interested in riding empty peaks that most locals haven’t been to yet, let us know and we will set everything up for you for your surf vacation in the Dominican Republic. Transportation, food, and photos of the experience are all put together in our surf trip packages, contact us to book one today!  


As much as you might want to surf your butt off all day everyday, the sun is hot, your muscles get tired and perhaps you may want to see more of the beauty that the DR has to offer. In Cabarete we have at least four different river spots where you can enjoy a lazy river float, river side picnics, fresh fish by the river mouth on the beach, or horseback riding through the mountains. We love the saltwater and shredding waves but we highly suggest getting into some fresh river water for some rest and relaxation as well.

Secluded Beaches

The 10km stretch of Coastline along Cabarete has sections with beachside nightclubs and restaurants, Kite Schools, beach breaks, Surf Schools, and lots of gaps in between where you’ll find nothing but driftwood and seashells and no one but yourself. Secluded beaches are a huge luxury if you’re coming from a city where many people will be found on the beach at any given time. Bring a book and a blanket and find yourself a beach to call your own 🙂

Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Wave surfing in Cabarete is more of a morning routine because wind usually picks up in the afternoon. This is why Cabarete is a dream for water sport enthusiasts because you can surf all morning and Kite in the afternoons. Our surfschool does not offer Kiteboarding Lessons or Kitesurf gear rental but we are happy to set you up with the best of the best in town so you can get everything you want from your caribbean holiday.


Another really fun thing about Cabarete is there’s nightlife and dancing every night of the week. Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton is a huge part what makes Dominican Republic so sexy and also a major part of Dominican culture. We highly suggest loosening up your hips on the dancefloor and maybe it’ll make you a better Surfer? Who knows! It’s fun to dance.

zendo fitness cabarete

The worlds best gym, Zendo Fit Cabarete

Fitness and Health

In contrast to the nightly drinking and dancing that happens in Cabarete, this is also a really healthy town. Most restaurants have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, menus, or at the very least  a restaurant will understand your nutritional considerations. There are many local businesses that make eco products like soaps, sunscreen, lotions, tonics or teas. Yoga in Cabarete is literally everywhere and Cabarete is home to the (self-proclaimed) World’s Best Gym, Zendo Fitness Cabarete.


Cabarete Restaurants are a very exciting part of your Cabarete vacation because there are so many options to choose from. You’ll find Dominican food everywhere, and interesting dominican street food like egg empanadas or pork leg sandwiches. We also have Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Thai, French, German, Only-organic and many more.


Our beach town has a lot to offer to any kind of traveller which is a big reason many vacationers become expats and move to Cabarete. We have a variety of sports to play, activities to enjoy, landscapes to see, lots of food options, a rich health and fitness culture, and really fun nightlife. See for yourself why Cabarete, Dominican Republic is our favorite Surfing Destination in the Caribbean and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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