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Keep the memories of your Dominican Republic Surf experience with our professional Photographers capturing all your rides and smiles.
$40 USD / hour
Surfing is just plain cool. It’s the kind of sport that’s fun to watch from outside of the water, great to start at any age so it doesn’t matter how good you are, and best of all you’re in the ocean!

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surf photography dominican republic

Capture your experience surfing at chino surf school, Dominican Republic! Photo Credit: Carlos Gonzalez

If you’re learning to surf, already pretty good at catching waves, or a swell-shredding machine, capturing your Dominican Republic Surf experience is a must while on your tropical vacation. Learn to surf photos are great for family photo albums, the smile when you first catch a wave is unbeatable, not to mention how much everyone is going to love seeing you riding a wave on social media 😉

surf photography encuentro cabarete dominican republic

Surf photography at Chino Surf School in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Photo Credit: Carlos Gonzalez

In most places hiring a professional photographer is expensive which is why it’s left for special occasions. In Cabarete where the wave and wind conditions are so good, there are quite a few surfers and kiteboarders who love to be in the water and also have a passion for water sports photography.

Our gorgeous turquoise blue water, bright sun, and lush tropical landscape make the perfect backdrop for your photo session.

learn to surf photography cabarete

Learn to surf and capture the moment with our surf photography package. Photo Credit: Carlos Gonzalez

We use professional photographers with different photo and video capturing options to choose from including long lens, underwater camera, and aerial drone.

Chino Surf School can book your surf photography session for every moment of your surf session or just a portion if you prefer:

Long lens – $40 per hour

Underwater (in the water with you) – $100
Drone video photography (recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers)- $100/hour.

We give you every photo and video.

If you would like fully edited high quality prints or video of the best from the session we can discuss your different options in person with our photo/video professional.

Don’t just trust the memory of you surf adventure, capture it forever!

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