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surf board rental cabarete dominican republic

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We provide everything you need to surf: Leash, wax, rash guard, water shoes (if needed,) and we give tips about which board to choose. We offer the following surf rental rates:

All day – $25 USD

3 days – $60 USD

1 Week – $120 USD

2 Weeks – $200 USD

3 Weeks – $250 USD

1 Month – $300 USD

*You can change your board as many times as you want throughout your rental.

Save on baggage fees and don’t let the airlines abuse your board! If you’re interested in reserving a board rental long or short term we’ve got the selection for you. It’s often cheaper to buy a board here in the country for your Dominican surf trip, let us know, we will tell you what we have or source what you need for your tropical surf adventure.

Our board selection is the widest on the beach no matter what kind of Surf traveler you are, we’ve got a board for you, in great condition, with all the needed gear to go with it.

Here is some information about different board types and what they’re designed for:

Soft Tops/ Foamies

  • Floats like a boat

  • Very easy to catch waves

  • Hurts a lot less than non-foam boards if you get hit with it

We have different sizes of Soft Tops for rent if you’ve learned to surf and want to continue on your own. Some people like soft tops and continue to ride them even as advanced surfers but typically as soft tops are made of foam and float a lot, they are considered a beginner level board. If you want to continue transitioning to smaller more advanced boards we have something for every step of the way.


  • Catch waves sooner

  • Glides smoothly over waves, even choppy ones

  • Walk gracefully up and down the board

Our long boards are in great condition and unlike other rental spots, each one has got all their fins and strong, long surf leashes to go with them. Longboards are fun at Playa Encuentro because most swells bring long waves, perfect for practicing walking and nose-riding. Some surfers are interested in turning more on a wave than maneuvering on the board so, we also have many funboards to chose from.

Funboards / Mini Malibus:

  • Versatile Wave catcher- all levels enjoy this board

  • More comfortable to carry or get past the break with

  • Easier to turn on waves with than longboards

Funboards are like hybrids, they are bigger than short boards but more compact than longboards making the wave riding experience on them plain fun. Typically funboards are between 6-8 feet and pretty wide making them stable and smooth in any type of wave. You can catch waves faster than a shortboard and turn more than a longboard – a much appreciated feature for new surfers, weekend warriors, and those who want to keep their wave-count high.


  • Small Wave shredder

  • Tight turns even on small mushy waves

  • Compact and easy to duck-dive

Fish boards were designed for small waves. Playa Encuentro s a special beach because there are waves almost every day of the year, sometimes the waves are really small and frustrating if you’re on a shortboard, but we’ve got fish you can rent so have no fear! Fish are typically very thick, very short, and not as curved (less rocker) as a shortboard. They go fast on small waves and for people who have experience in other board sports, fish are more forgiving and easier to ride than shortboards.


  • High performance advanced board

  • Barely floats, fast turns

  • Very very delicate, dings and breaks easily

Our shortboard collection is pretty dope. We have shortboards for kids, adults, and big dudes who might want a thicker board that still shreds. We sell more shortboards than other style boards since most travellers looking to rent a shortboard would rather buy it for the length of their stay to take to any beach they want as early as they want.

Surf Dominican Republic with us!

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