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advanced surf coaching dominican republic

Improve your surfing skills with assistance and guidance in the water and wave-by-wave video analysis of your session from a certified professional coach. We specialize in advanced surf and competition preparation.

Price – $75 USD for 1 hour session

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12 Training Session Pack – $600 USD

Our resident Advanced Surf Coach, Heriberto Tinoco has been coaching Surfers since the 90s when it was still unheard of to be a surf coach or to be a surfer and to have a coach.

Surfing is a unique sport because it brings you in communion with nature. Each break, swell, and wave is different than the last making the field you play this sport on ever changing and unpredictable. Surfing is more of a solo sport; just you and the ocean spitting out one of a kind waves for you to conquer. Though ultimately your personal experiences in the water will be what leads to your advancement, there’s so much to gain from watching yourself surf on video and having someone tell you how you could improve.

Intermediate surfers especially should have a surf coach. Think about the first time you ever surfed, there was definitely someone who knew more than you teaching you how to paddle, how to pop-up, and how to ride a wave. Now that you’re choosing your waves and experimenting with different body movements to make turns, you may not really know exactly how to enhance your skills.

Imagine SEEING what you’re doing and not just feeling it. With the Pro Surfing Coaching System you’ll find out what it is you could have/ should have done to get the effect you wanted.

This is how our coaching works: a camera follows all your moves. We will go over all the footage taking notes, then go over each wave with 40 years experience critiquing each one.

Heriberto has mostly coached advanced surfers looking to win in the competitive circuit. Competitive surfers may not need as much help with body positioning the way intermediate surfers do. What most advanced surfers need guidance for to win competitions is in strategy. How to gain points, choosing where to catch waves from based on conditions, and of course, beating your opponent without breaking the rules is key to winning surf competitions.

Having fun in the water and keeping the stoke is the most important thing to us. Surfing is the best sport EVER and seeing what your body can do on waves is the most fun you can have. We want to see you improve your skills, catch more waves, and maybe beat some people in competitions (that’s fun too!) No matter your goals in the water, surf coaching is for you.

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