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Encuentro Beach is a favorite spot for surfing Dominican Republic because all the schools work together to keep it a friendly environment that supports the local community and welcomes visitors. Before your visit, it’s important to know how we keep our beach clean, everyone safe, and our surf community growing.

Safety First

Surfing Dominican Republic coast line offers many great reef breaks, point breaks, and and beach breaks. At Playa Encuentro there are 5 breaks that offer plenty of space for all levels. By keeping the beginners in one area we make sure everyone is safe and having the most fun possible. You can check out Pt. 1 of the Guide to Encuentro to find out exactly where all the students and beginners practice. The rest of the breaks are not open to beginners, it’s not that we don’t love new surfers, it’s that it can be really dangerous to get caught in a lineup where everyone assumes you know what you’re doing. If a more experienced surfer sees you on one of the peaks, chances are they will point you in the right direction.

encuentro beach cabarete

The beginner area at Encuentro Beach, Cabarete

During the season for surfing Dominican Republic we have a lifeguard on duty and year round there are many instructors in the water times to keep everything running smooth. As a beginner, you will find that everyone is very helpful.

***Pro Coaching Tip***

The best way to feel confident in the water is with our 5 lesson Intermediate Course in which we take you from being a beginner riding on white water in the learning area to intermediate and paddling for your own wave at the peak.

local surf breaks cabarete

Locals in the water at “La Izquierda”

Rules for Surfing Dominican Republic

Overall Playa Encuentro is a fun place to surf. As with every surf beach, there are some rules. #1 for every surfer is respect each other. Here’s how we like to respect:

  • Don’t drop-In. If you see someone already on a wave, that is their wave and you should not paddle in and drop in on them.

  • Seriously, don’t drop in. If you see someone paddling for a wave and they are at the peak, it is also their wave and you shouldn’t drop in.

  • Sharing is caring. If you have been getting tons of waves, or are on a longboard and can get to any peak faster than everyone else, give someone else a chance and wait your turn.

  • Locals get priority. We are really nice here so this doesn’t mean you won’t get waves, in fact we love sharing our paradise with visitors and want everyone to leave knowing we’ve got great waves and good vibes. When a nice set wave comes rolling in and it’s between you and someone from here, be sure they aren’t going for it before you paddle in.

  • Apologize. Everyone makes mistakes.

  • No Paddle Boarding. Sorry, there’s many other spots in Cabarete for SUP surfers, it’s just too dangerous for our beach. If this is a bummer to you let us know we can point you to where to rent SUP and where to surf 🙂

  • Communicate. You can read our blog about Dominican Surf Slang you need to know to learn how to talk in the water. Words to look up are: voy, derecha, izquierda, and dale.  Say which direction you’re going in, when you’re going to go, and let someone know when you’re pulling back off a wave

  • You break, you buy. If your mistake causes you to break someone’s board or your rental board in any way, you will be responsible for paying for the repairs. There is a ding repair master on our beach and he cuts our guests a deal, either way it’s never expensive.


We Love Dominican Surf

The surf community in Dominican Republic is growing, but it’s not easy. Even though we have world-class waves and the perfect conditions for learning, our government does not yet hold our surf beaches nor our local athletes as high as we want to see. This is slowly changing and here is how we’ve been doing it:


It is up to us, the community of surfers, to take care of our sport. Our schools make the rules, and employ the lifeguard, this means tips are greatly appreciated if he helps or rescues you.


We clean the beach and consider cigarettes as litter, there are cigarette bins and trash bins everywhere for your convenience.

local surfers cabarete

Chino Surf School helps local kids in the community who aspire to be surfers


If you come with a board you don’t need we will make sure it gets into the hands of someone who really deserves it and will appreciate it. We want to spread the love and see Dominicans competing in the world circuit in the future. Surf can be too expensive a sport for youth from poor families. It’s important we do our part in sponsoring coaching, equipment, sometimes food or transport, all so they can sharpen their natural abilities and reach their full potential.


All of Cabarete is pretty cool, but Playa Encuentro is our favorite, for more information about the best little beach town in Dominican Republic, check out our blog Why Cabarete.


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