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biggest surf competition dominican republic

The Encuentro Surf Classic is the most viewed, most anticipated surf competition in the Dominican Republic. By creating the platform for athletes to win big, the event generates high-performance surfers an interest in the sport for the younger generation. In this post we will go over the competition and the winners in 2017.

About the Encuentro Surf Classic

A four day event that happens every year during the long weekend of Constitution Day, the Encuentro Surf Classic brings visitors to Cabarete from all over the Dominican Republic, United States, Canada, and Latin America. Some come to compete, some come to watch and take part in the nightly parties over the weekend. You can check out the Encuentro Surf Classic’s Instagram for a play by play of this year’s competition.

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Encuentro Surf Classic Competition Dominican Republic Sponsors

The Encuentro Surf Classic is completely supported by sponsors. With the backing of Millennium Resort and Spa, Super Pola, Avianca Airlines, Chino Surf School, Marullos Sound System, and Fin Box Cabarete, the 2017 event was made possible. In addition to the main card sponsors, many other sponsors gave in any way they could by donating prizes, food, hotel rooms, and surf gear to the event.

The Future of Dominican Republic Surf

Encuentro Surf Classic Surf Competition Dominican Republic

Encuentro Surf Classic Surf Competition Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a surf paradise that is still unknown to most of the surf industry. It is the goal of the organizers of the competition to see our country recognized around the world as a surf destination and a place with a highly competitive surf-circuit. Surf is a sport played in the world’s oceans and surfers, kitesurfers, and other water sport athletes have a responsibility to lead our country in protecting our beaches. By adding more value to the surf economy in Dominican Republic, we hope to see our surf beaches more protected and see more investment in our talented local athletes.

It’s worth mentioning that the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo will include surf for the first time. The Encuentro Surf Classic is the most developed and organized competition in the Dominican Republic. There is not much time left to choose and prepare the national team that gets to represent our country, hopefully more competitions can help complete this important task.

biggest surf competition dominican republic

biggest surf competition dominican republic

As the only surf event in Dominican Republic to attract international surfers, and give such big cash prizes to both the male and female categories, the Encuentro Surf Classic is doing everything possible to grow responsibly, sustainably, and in a way that is always positively impacts the community.

Encuentro Surf Classic 2017 Results

1st Place: Max Self 100,000rd – Canada
2nd Place: Gianmarco Oliva 30,000rd -D.R.
3rd Place: Junior “El Ovejo” Gomez 15,000rd -D.R.
4th Place: Zion Balbuena 10,000rd -D.R.

1st Place: Carolina Gutierrez – 8000rd -D.R.
2nd Place: Pia Grossi – 5000rd -Venezuela
3rd Place: Rachel Haslett- 3000rd -U.S.A.
4th Place: Monica Rush – 2000rd -Canada

1st Place: Ivan Herrera -Kailani Surf Board -D.R.
2nd Place: Luciano Gonzalez -D.R.
3rd Place: “Cuki” Rafael Antonio Gonzalez-Peralta -D.R.
4th Place: Mario Viñas -D.R.

1st Place: Daniel Alvarez 8,000rd -D.R.
2nd Place: Samuel Garcia 5,000rd -D.R.
3rd Place: Henry Bonilla 3,000 -D.R.
4th Place: Brandon Sanford 2,000rd -D.R.

1st Place: Tiva Thies -U.S.A.
2nd Place: Beth Alfonso -D.R.
3rd Place: Nairobi Rosario -D.R.
4th Place: Gigi Tea -U.S.A.

1st Place: Saori García -Gough Surfboard -D.R.
2nd Place: Max Self -Canada
3rd Place: Benjamin Knudsen -Argentina
4th Place: Kai Roberts -Canada

1st Place: Feliz Astacio -D.R.
2nd Place: Paula Hermann -D.R.
3rd Place: Naomi Rosario -D.R.
4th Place: Ineke DeBiasi – Italy

Surf competition dominican republic

Two of the female competitors from Womens’ Open during last year’s Encuentro Surf Classic Surf competition, Dominican Republic


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