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We offer a variety of options for those wanting to learn how to surf for the first time, advance to the next level, or polish skills for a competition.

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Surf Lessons in Cabarete at Encuentro Beach

Learn the art of surfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Surfing is a unique sport because it brings you in communion with nature. Each break, swell, and wave is different than read more…

Dominican Republic Surf Camp

The only surf school in Cabarete, Dominican Republic to offer all-inclusive surf camps for all levels with beautiful accommodation just minutes from the break at Encuentro Beach, Cabarete! Book Now read more…

Learn to Surf

2 hours / Includes all equipment / Water and board safety / Body Positioning on the board / Standing up on a wave. PRICE: $45 USD per person

3 Lesson Beginner Course

6 hours over 3 days / Paddling Techniques / Getting past the break / Timing for Popping up / Getting comfortable with the board. PRICE – $120 USD per person

5 Lesson Intermediate Course

Transition from Beginner to Intermediate / 10 hours over 5 days / Catching waves from the peak / Riding the face of the wave / Learn Basic turns. PRICE – $175 USD per person


Book Now We provide everything you need to surf: Leash, wax, rash guard, water shoes (if needed,) and we give tips about which board to choose. We offer the following read more…

Advanced Surf Coaching

Improve your surfing skills with assistance and guidance in the water and wave-by-wave video analysis of your session from a certified professional coach. We specialize in advanced surf and competition read more…

Video/Photo Session

Keep the memories of your Dominican Republic Surf experience with our professional Photographers capturing all your rides and smiles. $40 USD / hour Surfing is just plain cool. It’s the read more…

About us

Chino Surf School is one of the first in Dominican Republic, with over 15 years teaching in Cabarete, we have developed a unique learning method for surfers. We want your surf experience to be fun, easy, and hassle-free. Our Surf Instructor team is friendly and well-trained to create the perfect environment for all ages. Come surf Encuentro Beach with us, our vibe and our lifestyle is here for you to enjoy.

The Team

Welcome to Chino's Surf School. The best place in Encuentro Beach, Cabarete to learn to surf, rent a surf board, or just enjoy the thriving surf culture of the Dominican Republic. Get to know our team!

The Area

Encuentro Beach - Surf Dominican Republic

If you are looking for the best surf in the Dominican Republic, you will find that Encuentro Beach is one of a kind because it is great for every level with 5 breaks available. The vibe in the water is very friendly towards visitors even with a strong local presence. We love to share our tropical paradise with other surfers, and we all try to follow good surf conduct to keep things cool. As with other breaks, dropping in on someone else's wave is not recommended. Encuentro Beach has the coolest vibe for surf in the Dominican Republic because the beach has a designated area for beginners, and multiple breaks to choose from so you can get away from the crowd and still catch lots of waves. It is mandatory to stay in the beginner area when you have just started to learn to surf, this is for your safety. Experienced surfers are welcome to surf any peak. The Encuentro Beach community does it’s best to have everyone comply with these rules so our beach can stay fun and free of the hassle and localism that other beaches suffer from. Playa Encuentro also has a lifeguard on duty though be advised this is not a swimming beach. There is also a locally owned restaurant that serves great coffee, fresh fruit, breakfast, lunch and icy cold Presidente beer.

Getting Here

We are happy to pick you up from any Cabarete, Sosua or Puerto Plata accommodation, please contact us to set it up. If you are arriving from another city or province in Dominican Republic, let us know so we can arrange transportation for you. To get here by public transport such as a guagua or carrito publico from Sosua or Cabarete ask to be left at the entrance of Coconut Palms (La entrada de Coconut Palms.) From there you can take a motoconcho down to the beach or walk along the paved road until you get down to the ocean, go left and keep walking along the dirt road until you arrive to the 5th school, Chino Surf School Cabarete. If you are taking a Motoconcho just say Playa Encuentro and then Chino’s any taxi or mototaxi knows our school and we are well known by everyone in the community.

The Waves

The best Surf in Dominican Republic can be found in Playa Encuentro. There are four main breaks, three of which are world-class waves depending on the swell. Our small beach is broken up into a few different peaks, starting from the west we have The Left, then The Right, which is directly in front of Chinos (for experienced Surfers only), then there is the Beginner Area, Bobos, and Coco Pipe. Coco Pipe and the left are more difficult peaks, we suggest only trying these if you are a skilled Surfer. We go into more detail about the swells that hit these breaks best in an upcoming blog post.


This is a small one-road town that gained its fame in the early 2000s when kiteboarders came and saw perfect conditions for their sport, more or less creating a tourism boom that has continued since then. Way before that time, many surf explorers and Dominicans from around the country came to surf Cabarete because of the perfection and consistency that Encuentro Beach has to offer. Now Cabarete continues to be a fun town with great food, local culture, nightlife, and a paradise for any water sport. To read more about Cabarete check our blog and contact us if you have any questions.  

Breaks at Playa Encuentro

  • The Left "La Izquierda"
  • The Right "La Derecha"
  • Bobo's Point
  • Coco Pipe

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